The Simplest Weekly Meal Planner and Chore Planner Available!

  With the Card Planner™ 

  • Plan meals and chores in just 2 minutes per week
  • The user guide offers tips to keep chores for kids fun
  • Don’t stress over what to have for dinner ever again
  • So easy to use even the kids can plan the meals and chores -really!
  • Feel better about teaching your kids responsibility
  • If plans change, easily move meals or chores to another day
  • The whole house will love always knowing what’s for dinner

Each card holder is an individual piece, more can be added together to have as many columns as you need. Place it on your refrigerator for easy viewing.


Have you ever been stressed out trying to decide what to cook for dinner? Have you ever felt like nobody else helps around the house, like you do it all while everybody else messes things up? The Card Planner™ solves these situations in a quick and simple way. It can also be used for planning and organizing in a lot of different areas to resolve other problems as seen in the list on the How it Works page. A traditional chore chart is usually designed only for small kids, The Cardplanner™ is designed for all ages…

Pre-made Cards Available in the Program

Let the kids help decide what goes on the chore planner or let them take turns picking meals and chores each week as one of their chores.

The cards are printable business card sheets that can be purchased anywhere-Keep single blank cards available if you need to quickly hand write a card.

Start using the Cardplanner quickly by making cards with meals you already know and like.  Make more as you discover new meals; store the unused cards in the card tray.


After searching and searching for a solution to solve the stresses of our very busy household, I could not find anything versatile enough for all we needed. So, I developed a way to have chores for kids and a weekly meal planner all in one. Now, you can solve those issues in your house too in a quick and simple way. See more About Us and how it started, buy a Cardplanner in the Shop, or if you have questions see FAQ.

Jeremy (Cardplanner creator)