The Simplest Weekly Meal Planner Available!



Write on the cards and place them on the CardPlanner.

Write meals on the cards that you already make and enjoy. The cards are standard business card size and can be purchased at any office supply store. You could also buy printable cards, print them and tear apart.


When the week is over, remove the cards and store them in the card tray.

Make new cards as you think of new meals or try new meals you like. You can make the cards simple or detailed by adding information like side dishes or recipe book page numbers.


Choose your new cards for the new week and put them on your Cardplanner.

Eventually you will have a large pack of cards in your storage tray to thumb through with only meals you like, making it very quick to pick them out. You could even do 2 weeks at a time, simply put next weeks meal cards behind this weeks.

The Simplest Weekly Meal Planner Available!

EVERYONE in the household will know what’s for dinner. The kids even enjoy looking through the menu cards and picking out weekly meals (of course editing will be needed, you can’t have pizza every day).

CardPlanner Kit Includes

8 card holders and magnets, blank cards, card storage tray and instructions (markers and meal cards are not included).

 The measurement of the assembled 8 card holders is 16″ x 5.25″. This easily fits on any refrigerator. The card holders are made of heavy duty plastic.

Card Storage tray lets you store the menu cards that are not being used that week.

When it’s time to make a new menu, just flip through the cards to quickly pick out your meals for the week and place them on the Cardplanner.


Write down meals that you and your family already like on the blank cards, reuse them over and over without rewriting them again. Try a new meal once every couple of weeks to add meals to your card choices. It is not included in this kit, but you could also print your cards using your own printer and printable business cards (available anywhere).

About Us

A few years ago we made our home available to a niece and nephew who were teenagers at the time. This was along with our own kids who were much younger. With both of us working long hours and trying to keep up with our new circumstances, you can imagine the new stress and confusion that was created. We finally decided that the kids needed to start helping out more around the house by doing chores. We also had to figure out a better way to plan meals.

I started my search for a solution online and could not find anything that satisfied our problem. After a lot of contemplation and planning, I finally developed the first Cardplanner™ and gave it to my wife for her birthday. It really made a huge difference in the ease of meal and chore planning. In fact, one of the chores for the kids was often to plan the meals for the next week – yes, it’s so easy even the kids can plan the meals (of course you might change their choices a little because you can’t have pizza for dinner every night).

Plan your meals in just a couple of minutes per week without all the stress.