About Us

My wife and I made our home available to a niece and nephew who were teenagers at the time. This was along with our own kids who were much younger. With both of us working long hours and trying to keep up with our new circumstances, you can imagine the new stress and confusion that was created. We finally decided that the kids needed to start helping out more around the house by doing chores. We also had to figure out a better way to plan meals.

I started my search for a solution online and could not find anything that satisfied our problem. After a lot of contemplation and planning, I finally developed the first Card Planner™ and gave it to my wife for her birthday. It really made a huge difference in the ease of meal and chore planning. In fact, one of the chores for the kids was often to plan the meals for the next week - yes, it’s so easy even the kids can plan the meals (of course you might change their choices a little because you can’t have pizza for dinner every night).

After using our Card Planner™ for a while, I discovered that the possibilities for organization were numerous because you get to choose the categories you want and change them as you please. We had seen meal planners that came with recipes for things that we could not pronounce and certainly didn’t want to eat or try to cook. With the Card Planner™ you pick the meals you like, quickly and without rummaging through a bunch of recipes.

Also, we looked and found many different ways of having kids do chores and there are different viewpoints on how this should be done. Even so, most experts agree that kids should have some household responsibilities. With the Card Planner™, you decide all of the details easily and quickly and once you have a chore card made, you never have to do it again.

Check out the other uses section on the How it Works Page for more ideas on how to use Card Planner™, but it’s up to you how you use it because it’s totally customizable to your life. With the Card Planner™ system you can have less stress,  more family time, get things done much more efficiently and make life much easier all in your own style.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.


Jeremy and Caren