1. Write on the cards or create and print them from the               Cardplanner Printshop.

     Put your own meals or chores on the cards, you are not locked into using the                cards that come with the system. The cards are standard business card size and          can be purchased at any office supply store.

2. Place the cards on the Cardplanner on the appropriate           days.

3. When the week is over, remove the cards and store them        in the card tray.

      Constantly make new cards as you think of new meals or new chores. You can             make the cards simple or detailed by adding information like side dishes, recipe           book page numbers and rewards on the chore cards.

4. Choose your new cards for the new week and put them on      your Cardplanner.

      Eventually you will have a large pack of cards in your storage tray to thumb                   through  with only the meals or chores you like, making it very quick to pick them       out. You could even do 2 weeks at a time, simply put the next weeks card behind         this weeks.

We have been using Cardplanner for some time now and have never found anything else that is so easy to plan meals and chores. All the other chore charts we tried were not versatile enough for the varying ages of our kids. Also, many use dry erase markers that require a lot of writing. There are also phone apps available for chores but they were so involved we felt like we would need a training course on using them and keeping the information updated. We wanted to make something that was easy for us and the kids to use and understand.

Cardplanner Printshop is not a full publishing program, it was designed to make card making very easy. There is an import feature allowing you to bring in cards from other sources if needed.

You might want to make chore cards uniform for the older kids or fun and playful for the younger ones.

        The system is very versatile and has many  uses, here are some potential uses:

  • Breakfast menu
  • Lunch Menu
  • Dinner Menu
  • Chore Chart
  • TV Shows
  • Projects to do
  • Exercise Schedule
  • Elderly reminder
  • To do list
  • Scripture Reading
  • Business jobs to do
  • Things to remember
  • Family Time
  • Entertainment
  • Goals
  • Household Projects
  • Job Searching
  • Pet Schedule
  • Yard Work
  • Car Care Schedule
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Sending cards to others
  • Family Activities
  • In/Out Boards
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • School Lunch Menu
  • Study Schedule
  • Inventory Schedule
  • Appointments
  • Meal Planning
  • home Organizer
  • To do next week