The planner board uses business card sized cards (3.5” x 2”) to be written or printed on. These cards can be found as printable business cards and torn apart.

The Card Planner™ Printshop program is set up with step by step instructions on the left hand side of the screen so you can use it as soon as you install it. No manuals or extra instructions are needed for basic use, but are included.

If you have not had your kids doing any chores until they are teens it may be a bit more difficult to persuade them to do so. However, when we first started using a Card planner in our house it was because of teens being added to our household (see about us page). Believe it or not they thought it was fun and we even had one of their chores as picking the chores of all the other kids.

Please do not hesitate one bit to contact us with your questions or comments. You can do this by e-mailing info@cardplanner.com or using the contact form on the Contact Us page.